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Remind attendees to bring a number of business cards but without telling them the reason.

Here are 70 ice breaker ideas that are easy, fun, inexpensive, and designed to loosen everyone up.This is a fun way to transition to a real world situation and create talking points. Hand a playing card to each attendee and group the attendees first with the pictures and numbers together (Queen, 2, Jack etc.) and then within the suit.Give them 5 minutes to find similarities and shared interests within the group or complete an easy task.This is a good way to encourage meeting new people and avoid people who know each other grouping together into cliques.For larger events you can opt to have the attendees find the same card as them rather than the suit, otherwise, the groups become too large.

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For the quiz, get everyone working from the outset by determining a time limit and have the winning team be the one with the quickest time and the most correct answers.

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