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NOT recommended for everyone Derek Hanson Shepherd took a job. How hard could it be to guard of the richest seventeen-year-old in the world? we weren't a great couple and you would have made a terrible father, Mark. Meredith is an intern for Seattle Grace, who is hiding a dark secret and wanting to hide from her past. It is now.9We're Trying » by fortunecookiegun With two years of marriage under their belt, Jackson and April find themselves wanting more.

She meets Derek Shepherd, a fellow doctor who is hiding a secret of his own. by Calliope Sloan Callie Torres is looking for a new adventure so when an offer from the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital comes around, she can't help but take it. The journey to family life is full of fun, sex, and a lot of setbacks. AU of their married life without ALL THE PAIN16Letting the Walls Fall Down » by Parkermommy The story starts in the middle of prom and then goes AU from there.

12After The Tiger by callietomyarizona One night when walking to pick up Sofia from nursery, Callie is sexually assulted. 1Not Good with Changes by Kiyoko Freak94 Arizona and Carina used to be a couple. They were happy for a while but than they split up.

How will she cope with the aftermath whilst caring for her wife and daughter alone. Carina took their daughter with her and Arizona didn t see her daughter a lot. 11Resident Black » by wolfy447 Callie Torres takes up a hobby: selling body parts to the black market.

Fourteen months after the unthinkable happens to her, Callie is ready to try again.

But Arizona isn't so sure.7 Never Say Die » by The Color Gray (Set 24 hours after 15x25) The doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital find themselves in the midst of chaos after a natural disaster strikes, and one of their own is hurt.

What happens when they both seek comfort from each other?

April Kepner and Jackson Avery fake a relationship for different reasons, only to find out they have more in common then they'd ever thought they had.15 Say Anything by melissaeverdeen13 April and Jackson have a close relationship - some would say, even too close.

Jackson's friends insist he'll be happier if he's single in college and that he needs to ditch her.

But with a new Ortho Doc joining the team, what will happen when they clash, the chemistry is there, but what will happen sparks fly in all directions? The meeting quickly throws both their lives out of orbit when she notices a painful attraction to Dr. Meredith is 18 and is still grieving her mom's death when she finds Derek.

Calzona.16Two Degrees of Separation by Eva Mawesome7 (A/U) Arizona Robbins comes to Seattle Grace as the new Chief of Pediatric Surgery following a tragedy in her life. Derek is still recovering from a failed relationship.

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Was it fate that brought them to this small beach town? 4Clear Blue Sky by callietomyarizona Not long after graduating high school, Cal's parents find their journal and their secret is found out, resulting them having to stay with their friend Mark and having to move from Miami to New York.

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