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Like, I wished her a happy birthday after our breakup to be nice. I wasn't expecting anything from her but I like to think that given how we broke up, we could at least wish each other happy birthday.

I know it's not all about me but the timing and the amount of pictures she posted hust makes me think she's doing it to make a point to me or something. She's moved on, and she's on her own now. I just unfollowed her a year back after the breakup but it wasnt working so I guess blocking was the way to go. She probably is making a point to you, and understandably so.Apparently, Chris Brown really wants Rihanna to look at him now.. night before the GRAMMYs that year, the singer resumed dating him in.After being tormented for so many years, being angry and dark, I'd rather just.You try to date without having handled your problems.You aren't taking any responsibility for your dating patterns and you are leading people on, and trying to make yourself sound innocent by claiming "Well, I just am not ready for a relationship right now." From what I can recall from a few of your past posts - there is someone that you do have an interest in and the feelings may be mutual, but you keep fucking yourself by coming up with these excuses as to why things would work.

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