Eunhyuk dating kara

In related news, IU stated that she wasn’t dating anybody on SBS’s talk show, “The Go Show” that was aired on November 2.

- So basically, netizens did all this work to prove that Goo Hara had underaged sex.Stop backstabbing the people that helped you rise to fame and treat them well, kids tsk tsk3.[ 639, -142] tsk tsk I wonder when they started sleeping with each other Netizenbuzz Basically, it's another idol's "underaged sex scandal", note that netizens did ALL of that work, but still want their vacation home to be in Hara's butthole, so it could be a case of what they're gonna do to IU.Basically, you mention pension and Koreans will assume sex was involved.The scandal starts with when Goo Hara was 17 years old [a minor], she updated her mini-homepage with a picture of her kissing her then boyfriend.

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The pajamas IU is wearing look very similar to the ones she burned a few months ago.

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