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As you create editable regions in your template, it works best to select a tag or other structural HTML tag (div tags work best) that surrounds all of the text, images, or other elements in the page that you will want to edit in the pages created from the template.

After you select an area of the page you want to make an editable region, such as a div tag, choose Insert Editable Region to add the necessary code in Dreamweaver.

You don’t want to make everything editable, just areas you’ll change.

Things like the list of navigation links at the top of this template should note be editable regions, because then you’ll be able to update those areas on all of the pages created from the template when you’re done.

After you create a page from a template, you can edit it as you would any other pages, inserting images, text, and multimedia into the editable regions – with one big exception.

You can only change the areas of the page that are .

If you want to view your templates, choose Window .Particularly the elements which are constant through a website such as links. You have built your site nicely with CSS and div tags and you are all ready to publish your 30 or so pages on to the web.Templates come in many shapes and styles on the web.You can find templates for Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Word Press blogs and more on the web, but not all templates work in all programs.This column is about creating Templates with the extension – a step that saves time when creating custom sites in Adobe Dreamweaver.

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