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Yamashita graduated from Horikoshi Gakuen's performing arts course for high school students in 2004.

At Horikoshi, he shared a classroom with celebrities such as Koki Tanaka, Koike Teppei, and Yu Shirota.

While it did not have astounding viewership, it was immensely popular and became a landmark in the careers of all of the main actors.

The theme song is Seishun Amigo by Shuuji to Akira which was the number 1 single of the year on the Oricon charts.

While the story is superficially about the two boys making Nobuta popular, the true plot lies in the changes that Shuuji goes through as the lies and manipulations he has lived with and made use of break down leaving him with only the option of changing himself.

野ブタ。をプロデュース (Romaji: Nobuta wo Produce; English: Producing Nobuta) is a Japanese dorama based on a book of the same name by Shiraiwa Gen (文藝賞). It begins with the introduction of the main character, Kiritani Shuuji, (Kamenashi Kazuya), a popular high schooler who uses lies and manipulation to create a comfortable life for himself in the close knit 2-B high school class.

He is friendly with almost all of the other children in his school and has convinced the school's beauty Uehara Mariko (Toda Erika) that she is his girlfriend, despite the fact that he has no desire to actually date her.

He got his successful acting career after an interesting portrayal as Kusano Akira for the hit drama Nobuta Wo Produce (2005).

His biggest break as an actor came in 2006 when he landed his first lead role for popular drama Kurosagi.

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