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As of late June, the notes indicated an intention to “continue to make weekly inquiries regarding alternate proposed addresses.”Mr.

Other sex offenders who have been deemed fit for release must often live as transients, exiled from their families’ homes if they are too close to schools or parks.A spokesman for the city’s Department of Homeless Services, Christopher Miller, said the city’s shelters were housing some 238 sex offenders in shelters at least 1,000 feet from schools.But so far the city has not indicated when it will have room to house more.“We have a limited number of beds in a limited number of facilities” in compliance with the Sexual Assault Reform Act, which imposes the 1,000-foot limitation, Mr. The state’s position is that it has the legal authority to continue holding the sex offenders — who generally either have reached the end of their full prison terms, or have been approved for release on parole or because of credit for good behavior — because they are largely subject to post-release supervision by the state.The new interpretation has had a profound effect in New York City, where only 14 of the 270 shelters under the auspices of the Department of Homeless Services have been deemed eligible to receive sex offenders.But with the 14 shelters often filled to capacity, the state has opted to keep certain categories of sex offenders in custody until appropriate housing is found.

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About 70 of the 101 sex offenders being held are New York City residents, prison authorities said.

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