Dns records not updating server 2016 r2

After a short wait, the RODC performs a replicate single object (RSO) operation in which it retrieves the updated DNS record for the client from the writable domain controller, bypassing standard replication mechanisms.RODCs will only replicate updates to itself from a Windows 2008 or newer DC/DNS, which must be in the NS list.The basics of DNS are not hard to pick up, but DNS can quickly become complex in larger organizations with multiple DNS servers that serve only portions of the internal networks.

We suggest waiting up to 24 hours for the DNS cache to be fully refreshed. When the DNS refreshes according to its TTL, the propagation is complete and your site will load.

And finally these records can be tested by using the Windows nslookup command.

As shown below, the various records are looking up correctly.

Dynamic updates are serviced by referring clients to a writeable domain controller when they attempt to send an update to an RODC.

It is useful for the RODC to include the client’s updated resource record in the zone as quickly as possible, so the RODC tracks the client that attempted the update, and the writable domain controller to which the client was referred.

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