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In 1997, he starred in The Boy’s Club and Wild America, while in 1998 he started taking on different roles, such as SLC Punk, in which he played a burned-out acid head.In 1999, he starred in the quirky Idle Hands, while in 2000 he played the main role as Alex in the thriller Final Destination.Danielle Fishel initiated her career at the age of ten making herself exposed to some commercials and guest appearances in some Television shows which was followed by her work as an actor in the Television Show ‘Full House’ in which she portrayed the role of ‘Jennifer’. In 2014, she again reprised her role of Topanga Lawrence-Matthews in the successor of ‘Boy Meets World’, ‘Girl Meets World’.Just at the age of 12, she got her breakthrough with the opportunity to play the role of Topanga Lawrence-Matthews on ABC’s pilot series ‘Boy Meets World’ and made some appearances in some films like ‘National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze’, ‘National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2: College at Sea’, ‘Gamebox 1.0’ along with some shows including ‘The Tyra Banks Show’, ‘Say What? She was nominated twice for her role as Lawrence-Matthews for ‘Best Performance by Young Actress: TV Comedy Series’ and for Best Performance in TV Comedy: Supporting young Actress’.This is Fishel’s most highly publicized and talked about romantic relationship to date.Her year-long romance with boy bander and N’SYNC pop star Lance Bass. Fw-300 #ya-qn-sort h2 /* Breadcrumb */ #ya-question-breadcrumb #ya-question-breadcrumb i #ya-question-breadcrumb a #bc .ya-q-full-text, .ya-q-text #ya-question-detail h1 html[lang="zh-Hant-TW"] .ya-q-full-text, html[lang="zh-Hant-TW"] .ya-q-text, html[lang="zh-Hant-HK"] .ya-q-full-text, html[lang="zh-Hant-HK"] .ya-q-text html[lang="zh-Hant-TW"] #ya-question-detail h1, html[lang="zh-Hant-HK"] #ya-question-detail h1 /* Trending Now */ /* Center Rail */ #ya-center-rail .profile-banner-default .ya-ba-title #Stencil . Bgc-lgr .tupwrap .comment-text /* Right Rail */ #Stencil . Fw-300 .qstn-title #ya-trending-questions-show-more, #ya-related-questions-show-more #ya-trending-questions-more, #ya-related-questions-more /* DMROS */ .

As a kid, Devon starred in movies like 1994’s Little Giants, 1995’s Casper and Now and Then; the former two films also starred Christina Ricci.

This film was loosely based on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

Keegan would go on to star in more Shakespeare adaptations within teen flicks like 2002’s A Midsummer Night’s Rave and 2001’s O, which again starred Julia Stiles, and which Keegan was cast as main character Cassio.

In 2004, Keegan starred in Extreme Dating and Perfect Opposites, and 2005’s gory horror film Cruel World, as well as 2006’s A New Wave, 2007’s Waiting for Dublin and 2008’s Dough Boys.

Due out in 2010 are films Fast Glass and Kill Speed, directed by Kim Bass.

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Close friends Jonathan Taylor Thomas and former co-star Ben Savage attended the L. I put on my Genghis Cohen t-shirt and went to see @jensenclan88 at work where I proceeded to screw up a very romantic marriage proposal by being too efficient (this is very on brand for me).

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