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Note You can also manually define the update, delete, and insert command buttons in a Button Field, Command Field, or Template Field row field. Likewise, in insert mode, the New button is replaced with an Insert and a Cancel button, and empty input controls are displayed for the user to enter the values for the new record. It displays the details of an item selected in the Grid View control. IPost Back Containertype Details View = class inherit Composite Data Bound Control interface IData Item Container interface INaming Container interface ICallback Container interface ICallback Event Handler interface IPost Back Event Handler interface IPost Back Container interface IData Bound Item Control interface IData Bound Control interface IField Control Public Class Details View Inherits Composite Data Bound Control Implements ICallback Container, ICallback Event Handler, IData Bound Item Control, IData Item Container, IField Control, IPost Back Container, IPost Back Event Handler The following code example demonstrates how to use to use a Details View control in combination with a Grid View control for a simple master-detail scenario. When enabled, page navigation controls are displayed in a pager row. The Details View control provides a paging feature, which allows the user to navigate to other records in the data source. For more information, see Item Deleting, Item Inserting, and Item Updating. The Details View control recognizes buttons with the Command Name property set to "Edit", "Update", "Delete", "New", "Insert", or "Cancel"; however, you still must provide the functionality yourself.

Item Updating Dim db As New my Data Context Dim result = From item In Items _ Where item. Value _ Select New With 'Trying to read new name entered 'Return "" with this method dv. Item(1) 'Null Reference Exception with this method CType(dv.

Different row field types determine the behavior of the rows in the control. The following table lists the different row field types that can be used.

The Details View control supports the following features: Each data row in the Details View control is created by declaring a field control.

I use Lin Q for the query and data bind in code-behind to the Details View control. Item Updating event, I get nothing from the Text Box.

With the later method, I can only access read-only fields and headers.

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