Designed to sell updating an 80s bathroom

Once we had refreshed everything, I struggled with the appearance of the brass finish outdoor light fixtures and even the brass door bell button.

Instead of going out and buying brand new fixtures my husband simply updated them with a little patience and some spray paint and now they look brand new!

There are many many cool styles of these lights so be sure you check them out to see which ones would take less space but add the style and look you want to your own home.

It really makes a huge difference and you can expect to pay under 0 each if you are be thrifty about it.

Sure I’d love to do a major remodel in the kitchen but I’m learning over time that it’s important to love the home your already living in.

The wallpaper and borders came down immediately, but there were other areas that really needed improvement.

Those changes can be as a little as a can of spray paint to as much as a 0 ceiling fan.

This article is about how to re-style your older home without remodeling. My neighborhood is comprised of homes built in the mid- 80’s. Apparently, with the market full of short sales and repo’s people buy older homes because they’re cheap!

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