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But later that evening when we sat down for a chat about performance and off-duty style, she explained that denim is central to her everyday uniform.

Last Thursday, the team behind the Dutch-run House of Denim, Denim City and the international Jeans School descended on the Ace Hotel for an ‘Indigo Embassy’ aimed at invoking action, positivity and change on LA’s denim scene… Can’t they just have some fun and ‘see where it goes’?

In attendance were a number of strong voices in our community including Adriano Goldschmied, of course an industry veteran and voice of denim who is constantly striving for a new denim future.

Francois Girbaud, a man who started his denim career in the era of stone wash and who’s tireless work has focussed on creating healthy alternatives with Jeanologia.

I’ve learnt that ‘yes’ actually means: ‘no’ 30% of the time and ‘maybe’ 40% of the time, meaning if 100 people say yes, 30 people actually really mean it.

I’ve learnt that people say ‘I would love to work on something together’ instead of saying ‘it was nice to see you’ which can cause a lot of confusion when following up.

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Melissa Kehoe and Tricia Edwards attended from FIDM and have already been collaborating with the Denim School on projects with their pupils.

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