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By analyzing the number and nature of these tracks in a sample mineral and inducing further fission of the remaining uranium by irradiation with neutrons to create new tracks for comparison, one can estimate the approximate age of the sample.

Thermochronology is the study of the thermal evolution of a region of a planet.

Price and Walker [4] also discovered fossil tracks of U spontaneous fission in muscovite mica and invented the technique of fission track dating. [5, 6] recognized that thermal fading of tracks follows the Arrhenius equation, and later many other scientists confirmed its correctness [7].

Fission track method has been widely used, and up to now, it is still one of basic techniques for nuclear science dating. The difference between the max and min values was large as 18.4%. (1) to calculate the age (order of 106a), they showed a difference of 18% or so.

We have a new significant attempt to apply the fission track method to the hydrothermal mineralization.

Since annealing of fission tracks occurs in crystal lattice and FT stability is hardly affected by other factors except temperature, the FT thermochronology is quite suitable for recording thermal events that take place in open system or enclosed system, in which the ore deposit formed.

One of most important works in this technique is how to accurately determine Sm is a very advanced one.

Instead, helium isotope, as a gas, makes itself difficult to measure.

After crushing, grinding and sieving of the samples, apatites and zircons were concentrated and then separated using conventional magnetic and heavy-liquid methods.

A typical thermochronological study will involve the dates of a number of rock samples from different areas in a region, often from a vertical transect along a steep canyon, cliff face, or slope. With some knowledge of the subsurface thermal structure, these dates are translated into depths and times at which that particular sample was at the mineral's closure temperature.

If the rock is today at the surface, this process gives the exhumation rate of the rock.

Common isotopic systems used for thermochronology include fission track dating in zircon and apatite, potassium-argon and argon-argon dating in apatite, uranium-thorium-helium dating in zircon and apatite, and 4He/3He dating.

How to confirm mineralizing age and epoch of hydrothermal ore deposits is a frontier issue to research on mineralization in present-day world.

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Based on the determination of solid-state nuclear track in apatite via thermal analysis method [13, 14, 15], the same method was employed to determine He in apatite.

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