Dealing with rejection in dating sites

They want someone under 5’2”, someone who skis, someone without kids, someone who lives closer, etc.These things have absolutely nothing to do with who you are or even what you look like.By sweeping heartache under the carpet, you’re setting yourself up for trouble.Without proper healing, you may find yourself putting up barriers to avoid future rejection because you don’t know how to deal with it, which can impact the quality of your future relationships.Though it may be easier to bottle it up and carry on as usual, if you don’t give your emotions their air time in the moment, there’s a good chance they’ll seep out later in less healthy ways and bite you in the ass.

But where in your life do you learn how to handle rejection healthily?Here are eight tips to not only help you bounce back from rejection but to also help you learn from the process and succeed in your next romantic endeavor: You’ve been rejected. Surely, your date has made a mistake and doesn’t realize how great you are.You may wait for the moment to pass, force your date to talk to you, or try to convince him or her of the error in their judgment.Here are 4 things to know to help you move forward in the online dating world with your self-esteem intact! All a guy knows about you is 20 sentences and a few mediocre pictures.If they don’t “pick” you, take a deep breath and remember: There are 1000 reasons a guy won’t be interested and 999 of them have nothing to do with YOU.

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Take responsibility for managing your feelings, and use this as the powerful tool it is to lead you to love.

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