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Since the Madis information was never questioned, until now, it was taken as gospel and reprinted almost everywhere you seek the info.

The Blue Book of Gun Values has now been the first source to the public, to print the revised DOM's.....

If you have one I haven't dated for you yet, feel free to ask and help correct history! The 73 ejects "empty" cases up, back, and over your head with a bit of force. There was a standard, carbine, sniper, and super grade. Looking at this list of sterilized numbers, really gets you thinking.

It does the same with a loaded round, except for one thing, ....a loaded round doesn't quite clear your forehead! I don't have any info on the stainless barrels, but I know Bert dug up some. thank you sooo much again Model 1873 Winchester: octagon barrel, cal. 424766B Model 1873 Winchester: sporter barrel, cal. Pretty amazing when you think how primitive things were in 1889, how complex an 1873 is, and they still produced over "38 THOUSAND" rifles that year!

:eek: Watch Wally World for the .22 shorts and CB shorts, for some reason they end up sitting on the shelf, and the price is almost reasonable. I don't think anyone even makes longs now, only the CB longs. With better than 13,000 made that year, I guess my '94 isn't so terribly rare . To give you a better idea, from 1894 to 1963, they produced 2,600,500! One database I found reported 1908, don't remember what it was based on. If you go, bring your Winchester for Bert to look at. Some early production of an newer model would have a mix of old and new parts. I myself have 1873 44WCF octagnal S/N 20217B action and sadly the stock has another S/N G 347214I love these threads, And thanks Trap for your efforts its nice to see what others have and some of the histories.

Like I said in the start, all the info that has been available, was based on the Madis information. 62A s/n 259614X, yes there really is an X in the s/n..:) .22 short, long or long rifle, tube fed slide action. I can only give you the DOM, he can usually tell you that, the month made, and probably a few more things even the Winchester factory has forgotten. If you are shopping for something specific, be it rifle or parts, he already knows who has it, where in the show to find it, and most times haggle the price for you too. Not real sure on the 62A, but I'll be talking to Bert soon, and I'll see what he says about yours. 62A s/n 259614X, yes there really is an X in the s/n..:) .22 short, long or long rifle, tube fed slide action. I myself have 1873 44WCF octagonal S/N 20217B action and sadly the stock has another S/N G 347214 S/N 20217B made in 1876, with 11,826 made that year.

Anyhow, on the stainless barrels, made 1926-1930, and they made em for damned near all the models, shotguns too, and rare on most models......

but the most common one he has seen was on the model 54. Now that I've actually dug it out the Serial number is 806043. The other side has the patent dates last one of July 5 1910.

Why the resistance to acceptance of the accurate information? # 385577B I used Madis numbers to find it was made around 1890.

A man named George Madis compiled the Winchester DOM's after he salvaged the Winchester records from a dumpster. Unfortunately, many of the records were destroyed or missing, so he simply made up the rest.

The Winchester collector world accepted his word on all things Winchester as gospel. My friend Bert Hartman among others started digging around in the Cody Museum basement, and discovered boxes full of microfilm containing all the Polishing Room Records.

iin your spare time, if you happen to remember, how many ss were made would be totally awesome!! freonr22, just got off the phone with Bert, man talk about information overload!

:eek: You get him started on Winchester stuff and your head will explode!

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