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Turkey is a large country that boasts beautiful beaches, famous archeological sites, and world class resorts.In the country where East meets West, the wealth of traditions and culture are spread out along this remarkable country.Consequently, foreigners do not receive any real exotic bonus like in countries of Russia and The Philippines.English levels are relatively low and remind me of Moscow.Regarding the personalities of Turkish women, they struck me as reserved, quiet and initially shy.However, they are incredibly welcoming and polite to foreigners.

My perceptions of what a Turkish woman could like look and be, were altered.

It wasn’t until I met and dated a beautiful Turkish woman in the United States, that my opinion changed with regard to Turkish girls.

This woman was stylish, educated and sophisticated.

During the day, there will be plenty of tourists out an about.

Later in the evening, cocktail bars will be frequented by tourists and locals, alike.

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