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At the time that seemed to be a slightly revolutionary agenda. We looked into getting intellectual property rights on it because we wanted to make sure no one else could.

In certain parts of the world, the economic aspect seem to be problematic; you think about bribery and corruption, and whether companies like Starbucks actually pay any tax at all in certain markets. In the following year, 1995, I was trying to think about how I would like to make the Triple Bottom Line more understandable to ordinary people and that’s where the people, planet, profit formulation came from. We wanted to be completely open source, we did not use open source as a term then, but that was the spirit of the thing.

do you talk to people that you dont know when you are out and about?

ever meet someone on myspace and then met them in real life?

What would you say if she wanted to be a housewife, where you support her and the kids?

What's the longest you have ever been in a relationship before you met her? Whats the longest she had been in a relationship before meeting you?

And that was fine, and I think if you’re dealing with engineers then that’s a good way to go, to match the environmental dimension to all this put together.

Though I was uneasy about that, I felt that even though that was an important contribution, it wasn’t the full range of business responses to sustainable development.

Today I am too lazy to look up lyrics to put as the title. Tell us something about her that you don't like:20.Last week TBL had the opportunity to have an informal telephonic chat from Karachi with John Elkington, while he was participating in the Corporate Responsibility Summit in Mumbai, organized by Child Rights and You (CRY), one of India’s leading NGOs working for children. ever had a crush on someone you stayed up all night thinking about them? View The Complete Survey[ ][-] average to say the least.shake it once thats you ever seen the movie little miss sunshine?

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