Dating spoiled girlfriend

#76 He loves you even if you gain ten pounds, or even 15. [Read: What do women want from men in a relationship?

But, any more and he worries something is wrong and offers to help you out. #78 He puts time aside for you on the weekdays and the weekends. ] #81 He doesn’t text other girls if he knows that it will make you upset.

#52 He is ready when you are supposed to go somewhere, not sitting on the couch with his hands in his pants.

then he shows up in a bit holding a drink to refresh yours. [Read: How to be a good girlfriend – 10 things you HAVE to do] #61 He hates, and I means hates, to see you cry. #63 He isn’t perfect, but he also doesn’t think that he is.Ugh, don’t you just hate seeing a spoiled girlfriend? she has a guy walking around the mall holding her ugly ass purse, or the one who is talking about all of her boyfriend’s insecurities as he is running to get her another drink so she can be more loud, drunk, and obnoxious.The problem is that not many girls even know when they are spoiled until they aren’t being spoiled anymore.#82 He doesn’t take the last piece of pizza before asking if you want it. #86 If it is important to you, it is important to him. #87 He waits for you to get yours and doesn’t just roll over and go to sleep. [Read: How to get a boyfriend effortlessly with 5 small changes] #91 He watches a Netflix series with you and doesn’t go ahead if you aren’t around.#83 He can make you laugh at the most unfunny times. #88 He wraps his arms around you tight while you sleep *he’s a spooner*. #92 He wouldn’t dare let you carry your own luggage.

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” #68 He asks before he makes plans for the holidays and they include you.

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