Dating someone with schizoid

This can be resolved in a more balanced manner but it requires significant effort and commitment from both.

Relationships require work, compromise, communication, empathy, and understanding.

It's hard to explain, you'd want your loved ones to share your good experiences but you don't want to let the draft in, so to speak...

so compromise is better, just find something new for the both of you to enjoy.

Again it's not about keeping you out, it's about not letting other kids play with your security blanket. But you absolutely need to have a life of your own, like-minded friends, a place to unwind in general...

The schizoid is introverted because he doesn't like people and would rather be lonely. The avoidant fears rejection and fears social interactions.I'm not saying things should be planned out and boring all the time but there has to be some sense of order or at least a recognizable cause and effect pattern to the chaos.That's as far as I can go without knowing more about your SOs traits.Efforts to improve the situation are temporary and shallow at best.There is something else happening other than poor communication skills.

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