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Need more tips on how to use the information from the job description to quickly tailor your resume?

Read our guide with an infographic: You can also select examples of good hobbies for a resume that fill in gaps in your skill set. Jack has gaps in his skill set because he's only had a handful of internships in the past.

If you want to know how to start your resume with a bang, read our guides about resume summaries or resume objectives.

They include a lot of actionable examples that you can quickly use to write a perfect opening for your resume.

What if I told you though that there a list of good hobbies for a resume is not mandatory.

Place them at the bottom of the resume - let me show you an example. Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click.

The tool will give you loads of useful tips for every section of your resume.

It’s okay to volunteer at an animal shelter, but we all know what cat hoarding implies.

The golden rule of dinner parties is also applicable for examples of interests to mention on a resume: Always avoid politics, religion, or sex. This is an easy way to alienate someone whose views are different from yours. So what happens if you are unable to come up with any good hobbies?

"I like traveling and long walks on the beach,” said anyone who’s ever struggled to be interesting on a date. Finding interesting and exciting things to say about yourself isn't easy.

Any many experts will tell you that you should never, ever list examples of hobbies and interests on a resume.

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1 Adding a personal interests and hobbies section is often seen as irrelevant and unprofessional. A lot of companies are no longer looking for mere minions to sit and drink coffee and answer phones all day. Take a look at this: Google hires people who are open and playful. So, if you wanted to apply to Google, how could you let them know that you fit? On the other hand, if you are applying to a buttoned-up accounting firm, you might want to skip putting examples of hobbies in your resume altogether.

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