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One in five Harvard students has used a school-specific site, as well as 50% of Columbia University and New York University students.Consider that only 9% of women and 2% of men find relationships at a bar, you’re chances of finding someone are far greater online.Some dating platforms target gay men while others are better suited for lesbians.Most sites are designed to help straight men and women meet, but most modern dating platforms are increasingly accepting the LGBTQ community.Are people just using it for hook ups, or do people actually start relationships after meeting online?How many people actually go on a date with someone they meet online, or are they just using it to make conversation with others? Don’t worry; these are valid questions that many people wonder about online dating.Online dating is totally acceptable in today’s culture, so if you’ve been on the fence about it, we hope these statistics show that many young people are using online dating and you should too!The old fashioned way of meeting singles at bars, hotels or open places has soon become outdated.

People turn to online dating sites because ideally, there is someone for everyone.They are Internet-based, making them accessible to everyone who owns a smartphone or computer.Although many dating websites may share common goals, they often differ widely depending on their target audience.Statistics show that older man are interested in dating women that are at least five years younger than them.If you want to get real specific about using online dating, some young people have access to school-specific dating sites.

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From young people looking for casual dates to people above 50 years looking to settle down.

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  1. While there may still be problems to confront – a couple having sex in the boardroom or behaving in an overtly sexual way may trigger disciplinary charges for example – in an imperfect world, disclosure is probably better than nothing,” she says.