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This is the photo gallery of pictures that are most frequently used in scams.

These pictures have been abused by scammers for many years, and in spite of warnings on many scamlists, they STILL keep resurfacing over and over again.

The name of Dustin Hoffman's character was "Vito", which was arguably a nod to crime boss Don Vito Corleone, from Ristiisa (1972) and Ristiisa 2 (1974).

This was perhaps a deliberate piece of irony, as the middle male of the three Mc Mullen family members, Vito was the only one who was not criminally minded.

Broderick's life as a Westinghouse scholar is about to intersect with Connery's habitual criminal background when Broderick's professor, B. Hoffman also goes along for the ride, mainly he says to watch out for his son.

They both have great hope for Adam, Vito's son and Jessie's grandson, who is bright, good-looking, and without a criminal past.

So when Adam approaches Jessie with a scheme for a burglary he's shocked, but not necessarily uninterested.


In reality, the scammers are Africans from Nigeria and Ghana.

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The thief Gaston escapes dungeon of medieval Aquila thru the latrine.

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