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In This Episode: How dating for high net-worth men is […] The post 20|Dating Models & Celebrities and Coaching High Net-Worth Clients w/ Johnny Cassell appeared first on Men's Dating Mastery.Quote From the Episode: “If you are not the right match for her, she is not the right match for you” – Laura Yates About Laura Yates: Laura Yates is a relationship and dating coach specializing in helping people through break-ups and heartbreak.Quote From the Episode: “Whatever you assume is fine, is fine” – Johnny Cassell About Johnny Cassell: Johnny Cassell is an international dating coach who has been in the business since 2007.He is based in London, UK and specialized in dating for the elite.John Gray’s Mars Venus Success Coaching; among others.

Just the fact that he is considered the coaches’ coach, speaks volumes.

In This Episode: The most common issues that men encounter when dealing […] The post 19| Overcoming and Initiating Break-ups w/ Laura Yates appeared first on Men's Dating Mastery.

Quote From the Episode: “When you do anything from a fear based mindset that fear will return to you until you feel that fear completely” – Max Nachamkin About Max Nachamkin: Max Nachamkin is a dating and relationships coach with a very unique, spiritual perspective.

In This Episode: Why Max believes that confidence is a […] The post 18| Feel the Fear w/ Max Nachamkin appeared first on Men's Dating Mastery.

Quote From the Episode: “The art of seduction is making somebody want more. When you give in, the seduction is over.” – Keving Alexander About Kevin Alexander: Kevin Alexander is a dating coach, podcaster and author who specializes in helping shy, introverted guys who are tired of being rejected for being […] The post 17| The Misconceptions About Nice Guys w/ Kevin Alexander appeared first on Men's Dating Mastery.

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