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They know it’s comfortable but it’s oh so predictable and boring.They’ve become too comfortable in their own space yet know that they’d like more in the form of a new relationship.The perfect gift that keeps you laughing, trying new things and making memories together. Everyone has busy lives and the dates are here to help you spend quality time doing things you might not have thought of, or wanted to suggest.Share your experiences at #ayearofdates We are a small business built on a Christmas present from husband to wife; a date jar containing sealed envelopes – the same style glass jar that we use today.So let's see what changes our 4th business year throws at us... I'd ove to show you more of our @springautumnfair prep but I'm sworn to secrecy... For all the things you have put on the list, too busy, too tired to do what you wished. We've booked a trip out for my favourite meal later in the week, I'm hungry just thinking about tasty treats at @peckfortoncastle 🍰☕ Good luck with the giveaway, T&Cs on the competition post 💌Planning!! Whether it's new products, how we're juggling the day or getting John to the hospital about his back!!Apologies for the lack of smiles too, I'd done this about 6 times and forgot I was recording 😂 . So this is the most instagrammable thing we've got going on 😂 Behind this is boxes of boxes, big panels of graphics and enough flat pack furniture to start our own Swedish shop... #smallbusiness #bigopportunity #autumnfair #tradeshow #firsttradeshow #sbspavilion #sbswinners #orderform #showprep #clipboard #makingmemories #ayearofdates #Behind The Scenes Love a Bank Holiday weekend... #ordertoday #outofoffice #smallbusiness #offonanadventure #delayedshipping #anniversarypresent #anniversarygift #giftformywife #giftformyhusband #weddingpresentideas #romanticgift #personalisedgift #personalisedbirthdaygift A year ago ( one week if your really counting! #dateday #familybusiness #afternoontea #maketimeforromance #maketimeforeachother #taketimeout #maketime #makememories #keepdating #datingmyhusband #datingmywife #equalitytime #childfree #allthecake Loving the combinations of colours you guys are choosing for the birthday box, and hese two really stand out 🎁 Pink and black is a very popular choice too 💕🖤 . So here is a box of things you can do, whether you are thirty one, forty or perhaps fifty two. We're so grateful to family and friends who are enabling us to go on this crazy journey. So we're all set up and ready for @springautumnfair tomorrow. 3 years ago I stuffed sets of date card envelopes as the orders came in.We'll show the whole stand then but for now if you've tagged #ayearofdates in your pics see if you can spot yourself on our Insta wall 👀 Now to relax and unwind before we see what the next few days have in store... There were ribbons to tie and each box was built as I went along...

If you need anything for the week after (9th Sept), I know it's super organised, but maybe get that ordered too? 🎉 Then in June we found out we'd won a coveted stand at @springautumnfair through #SBS... #autumnfair #sbspavilion #sbswinners #giftideas #thoughtfulgiftideas #smallbusiness #bigopportunity #busyweekahead #championofsmallbusiness #dragonsden #familybusiness #uksmallbusiness #smallbusinessfamily🌈 Happy Pride Manchester 🌈 The sun is shining, its the bank holiday weekend - get out there and love, laugh, dance, date - wherever you are and whoever you are 😘 . Lots of the date ideas can be done with the baby, because let's face it when they're tiny you aren't going to leave them behind! ☕🍰 With his bad back (hospital appointment for MRI results on Friday! I still do it though because I’ve learned to use the fear to my advantage!Look at why you want to move out of your comfort zone– what are the benefits? Get comfortable with being uncomfortable on a regular basis, it’ll build resilience and courage.Embrace new experiences– it’s not necessarily about being an adrenaline junkie though!Meeting new people, turning up at a new class, writing a dating profile might all be things that push you out of your comfort zone and can feel daunting.

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  1. This is one of their most important traits in a relationship. They wish to enjoy life wholeheartedly and love to spend life with men who are relaxed and stress-free in life.

  2. Christian has seen profiles declaring that they're interested in every race except black women, and someone once told her "her kind" wasn't "good enough to date." Another guy said he'd "always wanted to try a black girl" because rumor had it we're like "sexual toys." "I cried that night [after I got that message]," says Christian.