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That concern ranks as an exceedingly prosperous business.By absorbing the Zetland Glass Bottle Works Ltd in 1921 it largely obtained a monopoly of the bottle making trade of the Commonwealth.Roger says that tomato soup and snorkelling are a strong argument against a moustache.When snorkelling at the netted pool which is next to the Royal Australian Navy Torpedo Wharf [part of HMAS Penguin, the diving school,] at Taylor’s Point he was unhappy to see the amount of accumulated rubbish, drink containers, [glass, aluminium and waxed paper,] marine ply, electrical cable, cordage, plastic bags, [mainly ones that had contained bait,] and plastic pipe. Duck diving improved his lung capacity and he often swam with a garden rake to the amusement of swimmers on the beach.They ignored the dangled hooks till one day an elderly fisherman baited his with green weed and caught the lot.

Up to the end of the 1960’s glass bottles cast in NSW had the year of manufacture embossed on the bottom.Old Australian beer bottles have a large collectors market.At one auction in 2014 a gentleman from the outskirts of Melbourne paid 00 for one of Victoria’s rarest beer bottles, a 100-year-old green bottle from the former Shepparton Brewery.For some inexplicable reason this august body is harassing campers and property holders in every direction.Surely it should realise that there is a war on, and any "blitzing" to be done should be directed at the Empire's enemy, instead of respectable British citizens.

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