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Initiate text conversation or call as soon as possible.

It will constantly remind her about you, keeping the image of your interaction all vivid. No wonder men just gave up and started to take dinner and movie dates to be the golden way to get under her dress. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it doesn’t work, and I’m sure some of you reading this have experienced the contrary. However, we need to recognize why and how exactly things worked out.

They are primarily emotional beings and their momentary emotional state is always a key driver in their decision making and general mood. She was in a fun mood at that time, but that doesn’t mean it will be the very same the next day.

So, during those three days here’s what’s actually happening: Day 1: She’s probably hungover and not in the best of moods.

The fallout Since you’re not showing any interest in her taste, you come across as selfish, says relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam. Your move Keep the conversation as positive and as focused on the future as possible, avoiding any major forays into your romantic past. Don’t complicate a potential great thing by succumbing to base desire immediately.

“It suggests you’re only concerned with what you want.” Your move Gather info – either from her friends or (subtly) from her – about what kind of food, films or music she’s into. Your move In order to temper your natural instinct to impress and wax autobiographical, aim for a 60/40 split, with her talking for the larger chunk of time. “Nobody wants to feel they have to compete with an ex,” says Preece – even if she was a sadistic harridan. The mistake She had her purse out in a flash and, well, you are a bit strapped at the moment. This, on a loop, is what she’ll be thinking for the rest of the night and most of tomorrow. “Lust needs to blossom into romantic love and sometimes that neurochemical process can be short-circuited by sex that happens too quickly,” says Kerner. Such awkward considerations are easily avoided by simply holding out for a few dates. Unless, you know, that’s really the only thing you’re both after…The mistake Gleaning your dating etiquette from old sitcoms and films. Leaving it three days to contact her is a thing of the past.

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Ask any women and they’ll straight up tell you that although the romantic intent is adorable, these will not work!

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