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But for Pete’s sake, don’t take that as an excuse to start blithely handing your number to all her friends as if you’re networking at an industry conference.

I should also add that if a woman is finding you attractive on a personal level, she’s only one train stop away from finding you attractive on a physical level.

A perfect way to end a busy day, this collection of short selections from Swindoll's sermons and best-selling books will bring hope to your heart, serenity to your soul, and peace to your mind as you slumber in the loving arms of your heavenly Father.

If you have been following my dogisms than you know that my dog Patches was rescued from an abusive situation and has made amazing progress but still visibly holds onto things from the past. I was laughing at him this morning as usual and trying to comfort him telling him, "It's o.k. That's how we as humans are when satan comes buzzing around.

My friend Jane has been blessed with a magnificent bosom.Of course, if you want to be really rebellious – you could enjoy the opportunity to spend time with women as fellow human beings, rather than walking, talking fleshlights.* Slip into sweet dreams on the wings of these restful reflections.He was at the pub with some other deaf friends, and their sign language across the bar attracted my attention.Having had a ‘couple’ of vodkas at that point, I was probably staring more than is polite.

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Whenever we go out together they’re usually on proud display, because a) they’re aesthetically lovely and b) they’re damned hard to hide.

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