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So, for example, if your truest form is a person absolutely obsessed with dating apps, then perhaps some easy Tinder Halloween costumes can help you show just that.

This way, if you're a little insecure about how much you love dating apps (which you shouldn't be, because it's 2017, this is the future, and sorry you like to Have Fun and Find Love maybe), you can still profess your love for them, because people will think you're just joining in the Halloween fun of being someone you're not.

(And maybe do this in front of a fan, so the streamers blow around.)They say you should be authentic in your Tinder profile, and when I had one, I took that advice and probably went too far with it. But they showcased my f*cked up sense of humor, which was really all I cared about.

Seriously, I took all of the worst possible pictures of me in my natural habitat (usually me making a super weird face and doing something dumb) and stuck every single one in my Tinder profile. To do this, you'll either need a white poster board or white cardboard.

Grab some felt and get crafty with this tech-focused and contemporary take on a classic bee costume. Measure and cut five 1-inch strips of yellow felt and attach to the top half of the dress with fabric glue.

I know most people revere Halloween as the greatest holiday ever because you can "be someone you're not" for a night.

Then, cut two arm holes and create a cylinder with the plastic guard, using duct tape to seal it inside and out. Hot-glue the five-inch strip of poster board to the top of the grinder, creating a rim.

Repeat with the three-inch strip at the base of the grinder. Cut four holes parallel to each other in both of the donut-shaped foam core. Carefully glue around the perimeter of the plastic guard and attach the foam core circle to the smaller opening at the top of the cylinder. This costume makes for a really fun group costume too — especially for all of your single friends who are very familiar with the right (and left) swipe.

Because everyone believes Halloween is a time to be something you're not, it's actually the perfect time to break out the truest form of yourself that you may not be ready to show everyone else all the time yet.In the words of DJ Khaled, “Take the hinges off the door…” and as we say around HQ: “…just turn it into a Halloween costume.” Directions: 1. Tinder is the firecracker of dating apps, having been the first to capture collective millennial interest.Cut out two equal rectangular shapes out of cardboard and cut three holes in each piece. Spray paint your rectangles and the pool noodle gold. Cut the noodle lengthwise in half and into sections and then glue to cardboard. Coining the signature swipe-right-swipe-left-game, there’s really no better way to pay homage to the OG app than with this hot, hot costume. Measure your head’s circumference and create a paper headband that is 1 inch wide; attach with hot glue or Velcro. Cut construction paper flames and glue to the headband. To make the log, cut out two equal rectangles out of the foam core. Cut pieces of Kraft paper and fold into an accordion shape. Crumple the folded paper and attach each section to the foam core using hot glue. Repeat until you’ve covered each piece of foam core and then add dark brown paint to create added dimension. Attach the two pieces of foam core together with a piece of the plastic guard on the sides, using masking tape.This Halloween season it’s time to get your creative juices flowing and DIY your own contest-winning costume.When you show up at the party dressed like an IRL dating app — in the form of a coffee grinder, a door hinge, or a hot, hot flame — it’ll be hard to keep track of how many right swipes you’ll be getting.

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Cover plastic guard with Kraft paper and add Velcro straps.

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