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Favorite place you visited on your first season: Thailand, it was number one on my wish list for Season 14 so getting to go to both Bangkok and Phuket was fantastic. It was one of the most exciting and best experiences of my life.I am looking forward to all the new places we will go.In Season 14, they started off as a strong team and early fan favorites, and though some fans soured on Luke's bursts of impatience, they remained favorites until Luke got into a shoving match with Jen in China.Margie's surprising physical strength combined with Luke's ruthless strategy got them into the Final 3 without ever being in danger of elimination, but Luke choked away a massive lead on the Final Roadblock, leaving the task last despite having 8 of his 11 surfboards placed before the other teams showed up, ultimately giving them 3rd place.When the standby tickets did not materialize, they were forced to take a flight the next morning instead, pushing them over 4 hours behind the other teams.This deficit was too much to overcome, and they finished in 8th.She describes herself as competitive and a little controlling, but in a good way.

Upon arriving at the airport to discover the first flight to Sri Lanka was sold out, they decided to gamble on getting standby tickets instead of taking the equally big gamble of trying to catch a connecting flight in Singapore with only a 30-minute layover.

One of the most moving moments they shared was when Luke surprised his mother by delivering a valedictorian speech at his graduation ceremony from Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.

Margie is looking at this experience as a great opportunity to spend quality time with her son.

Margie O'Donnell (née Adams) and Luke Adams are a Mother/Son team on The Amazing Race 14, The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business, and The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

Luke was the first deaf contestant in the series, and as such, Phil signed their Race positions at the end of each leg.

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