Dating expert body language

Even when men are very aware of women’s rights and supportive of gender equality, they still usually act chivalrous when in love.

It’s like a part of the male behavior that we all accept as a sign of respect.

He’s telling the other men not to consider you as an option, even if he is not conscious of it.Is he opening the door for you when you’re in public going out to eat? When men are being chivalrous, it shows that they like you and want you to think highly of them.Men are not usually nice to women because they don’t like them. Even if he’s trying to play it cool, you’ll know he loves you.If you’re not an official couple yet, it shows he’s definitely flirting with the idea.When your man begins to think of the two of you as a unit instead of separate beings, he will make gestures that show that bond.

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