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The following condition ratings are used to qualify and describe items in a general manner.

In addition, most items are described with remarks in respect to percent of original finish (including re-paints); pitting; chips; breaks; repairs, owner's marks; missing, replaced and/or non-vintage parts, etc.

His first wife died in 1856; his second wife died a few years later. His business would eventually grow to become the largest saw factory in the world and his third wife, Sarah, would bear him five children and outlive him by 20 years. Despite his limited formal schooling, Atkins invented many of the patented tools and machinery used in his factory.

I am not an expert at all, but I have cleaned it up and used it to cut some Box Elder. A bizarre controversy arose shortly after his death when Emma Ney, a prominent local milliner described as an intimate friend of Atkins, filed a lawsuit against the estate in an effort to recover on two ,000 notes which she claimed that Atkins had given her.She lost the court battle after the primary evidence in the case — the notes — mysteriously disappeared.After two years and a disastrous smelter fire, however, Atkins turned the keys over to a business partner and returned to Indianapolis and the saw factory.The Hecla mining company continued to be a gold mine for Atkins and his business partners until the late 1890s, when Congress repealed legislation that required the federal government to make monthly purchases of silver.

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He also made an earnest effort to establish a Baptist University in Indianapolis, donating forty acres of land lying between Meridian Street and Central Avenue north of 32nd Street.

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