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SOURCES: Diane La Vey, Paul Valentine (Wright, "SD", page #68), Harry Lipton (Aquino-Lipton conversation 12/1/82), Robert Slatzer (letter to Aquino 11/27/82), Edward Webber (interview by Aquino 6/2/91).LEGEND: ASL was exposed to the savagery of human nature during his stint as a San Francisco Police photographer in the early 1950s.

According to ASL, Monroe had resorted to stripping to pay her rent. Monroe intimate Robert Slatzer and Harry Lipton, Monroe's agent in 1948, have exposed and discredited this tale. Paul Valentine, director of the Mayan Theater, has stated that the Mayan was never a burlesque theater, and that neither Monroe nor ASL ever worked for the Mayan in any capacity.The uncle who he claimed brought him to Germany was incarcerated at Mc Neill Island Penitentiary for involvement with Al Capone-related criminal activity during 1945, and was never in the armed forces. REALITY: There was no "San Francisco Ballet Orchestra" in 1945.The San Francisco Ballet was accompanied by a local orchestra, whose records show that none of its three oboists was named "Levey" or "La Vey".REALITY: ASL's grandmother was not Transylvanian nor of Gypsy stock.She was a Ukrainian named Cecile Luba Primokov-Coulton ("Coulton" was Anglicized from "Koltonoff"). There the teenaged ASL was shown top-secret films inspired by Satanic cult lodges and their rituals.

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On October 30, 1977, three intrepid youths travel across the American landscape, researching a book on unusual roadside attractions.

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