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In my numb stupor I pretended I was reclined back on the couch with him watching the latest episode of Bones, his body so close to my head. When I told my friends about my hot dentist they told me I should go for him. I’ve been thinking of the worst “dentist-themed” pickup lines ever. I fell back into a joyous haze, my fantasy easily muffling the sound of drills and scrapping metal inside my head. We set our next date to meet and he took off his gloves. Lucky for me, my filling seems to still be sensitive and I might have to go back sooner than planned. My charm must have distracted him for doing his best work. I am dating a dentist myself, though no other professional else would make sense since I am a dentist too.Money is not everything, but yet again its good to know that dentists can make decent money.

I was ashamed that I could not have had a better set of teeth for him but I was also excited that I would soon see him again. Unlike in other healthcare professions, most dentists have fixed working hours.Which translates to free nights for hot dates any day of the week!With the flexible time in their hand, they have the option to have a little fun. There is a misnomer that doctors are serious creatures. Doctors throughout their career keep making great contacts.

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My dentist is a protective man, yelling at the hygienist when there wasn’t enough suction and I choked on my own spit. We laughed about his musical choices to accompany his work- smiling over those bands that we agreed on and rolling our eyes in regards to those that seemed blasts from the past. ” I said in mumbled chuckles through the cotton swabs. He wiped up my drool for me with a soft swipe of his hand on my cheek and he ignored when I missed the spit cup. His firm handshake and sexy voice only made my attraction to him stronger.

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