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When you match with another convention-goer, you can meet at the convention where it’s safer and more familiar.

Enjoy a panel together, get lunch at the food court, or enjoy a drink at the hotel bar.

If you check-in to a convention but don’t have a badge for your photo, don’t worry.

This is a lot better than wandering out into an unfamiliar city.

Remember: Do not match with users who do not have evidence of being at the convention, and do not meet with people outside of the convention. We have plans to go with a freemium model that would include checking-into one convention per year.

There will be an option to take a new badge photo, or delete your check-in. Our terms of service clearly state that harassment or other forms of abuse are not allowed.

If you are involved in a conversation within Convexion that becomes abusive, you can block the user from contacting you again from within the messaging center (click the circle and cross icon at the bottom).

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