Dating bromo seltzer bottles

The monkey that jumped on my young, hairless back was legal and as suburban as Etobicoke, the suburb of Toronto where I lived as a kid.

Mom was my dealer, even though she didn’t know it at the time.

This villain wore no skin-tight outfit, but he, and in some cases, she, was crueller than any of the costumed clowns I read about.

This was an unyielding force; one that showed no mercy.

The stories, especially the ones from Marvel Comics, changed the way I viewed superheroes and comics forever.

As revolutionary as that was for comic books, it still didn’t get my buzz cut of a brain working overtime.

The writers were no longer using imaginary locations for their stories.

Now when the Fantastic Four fought the Skrulls, Stan Lee told you it was in mid-town Manhattan in New York City. Strange, exhausted after another battle with Baron Mordo, went back to his sanctuary to rest, the writers revealed he was going to his pad in Greenwich Village.

On e Bay, certain pontil bottles regularly sell for a few hundred dollars.

Scarcity is a significant factor in antique bottle values, and certain markings are very rare.

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