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As you can see, we'll have to worry about our posture, makeup, and being "slow thinkers:" News of "What Shall I Be" comes from Mark Frauenfelder's roundup of five of the old days' weirdest board games, over at Offworld's parent Boing Boing.

As Mark points out, look at the picture of the game 'Pie Face'.

Like the show, the approach to romance and sexuality is somewhat PG-13.

URL: Rights: find your BF in time for the big date From Milton Bradley, Sweet Valley High simulates getting prepared for a date, including hair and makeup priorities and some unexpected issues that can derail your plans.

URL: Bragging Rights: explore your dating skills From 1967, The Dating Game is similar in design to The Game of Life, though it’s officially based on the popular game show.

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No matter the object of the game, our 7 Best Dating Board Games have distilled the dating experience, with all of its neurosis and excitement, into an afternoon of game play.

The well-crafted content here is funny, relatable and oftentimes wickedly ironic.

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My I'm starting a new weekly show today on twitch where we will be playing a different board game every Saturday.

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Two to four players battle it out to be the first to successfully meet with their beau to win the bragging rights. As cellphones began exploding in the ’90s, this game capitalized on their popularity.

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