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In the past this tier gave you the right to put a 728x90 ad on Mortze (subject to editorial oversight), but while people pledged at this amount, pretty much no one wanted to do the ad. We both have a history of making popular erotic adventure games.We can still do the ad if you'd like, but realistically, this is a tier for incredible people who are going above and beyond to support us without extra perks. We are doing a more light-hearted game than Mortze has made previously with Tlaero, and it is a little less raunchy than the games iksanabot has written previously.Basically, you have to make decisions, choose what to do in each moment and how you want to respond to Ariane's questions and suggestions.The ending of the game all depends on your behavior.

Date Ariane English has already been uploaded., Ariane keeps succeeding, because I have already established she's great at outdoor activities, boating, swimming, diving, modeling and dancing in other games.

in order to convince them to have graphic sex with you, then our games might be for you. We've made ten games so far, and we're responsible for many of the top games on the noted erotic games site, also present at f95

After the departure of Tlaero, iksanabot teamed up with Mortze, joining Tora Productions.

The primary activities so far in Ai P are things she already has a talent for.

So I'm brainstorming activities that are often done on vacation / tropical islands that were never done in any other game, that Ariane could suck at. Make a game where every time you pass the ball to her she knocks it out of bounds, or knocks it back into your face.

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