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When the labeling requirement was imposed the Japanese said "The name of our country is NI-PON so we will mark our wares NIPPON." That was accepted by the customers inspectors until 1921.

In that year, however, the customs Bureau decided that "Nippon" was deceptive and required that items be marked Japan.

(You will find nothing imported between 19.) Trade resumed in 1945 with the same "made in Japan" mark required but Japanese manufacturers found that "made in occupied japan" was an easier mark to sell to the Americans.

One guideline to help you guess age can be the country of origin. Before 1890, items imported into the United States were not required to contain a mark showing the country of origin.

Many items were marked, of course, but they were "prestige" items - European china for example - where the manufacturer and importer thought the source was a favorable selling point.

Their highly qualified team of scientists and technicians are engaged in research in a range of topics including archaeology, geology, anthropology, paleontology, architectural history, environmental studies and hydrology, as well as with the certification of industrial materials.

A few of their clients include: Chinese Academy of Science (China), Seoul National University (Korea), Mokpo National University Museum (Korea), University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Kyushu University, Nagoya University, Waseda University, Keio University and the University of Arizona.

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