Dating another woman

[Read: 10 powerful ways to break out of loneliness] #3 You have to deal with the stigma of society.

When it comes to illicit affairs, society will always rear its ugly head.

Remember that the object of your desire has someone to go home to everyday. Naturally, you cannot see each other every day, so you have to work around a certain agreed schedule, usually comprising of a few hours.

You will treat each other as strangers when you are in public, but within closed doors, you own each other.Many women who have entered these kinds of relationships have often complained of sleepless nights.They find themselves wracked with guilt, especially in those moments when they find themselves to be alone without their lover to comfort them.#1 You are the “dirty little secret.“ When one becomes the other woman in a relationship, she will always be kept under wraps.Whether it is a boyfriend cheating on his girlfriend, or a husband cheating on his wife, you will be kept hidden and not spoken of.

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