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However, most guys will still be open for a relationship, even if they are applying the double standard.Some suggestions to follow are: It is obvious that each man has a set of ideas and attitudes.Sex can either enhance a relationship or make it fizzle before it even has a chance to begin, but one thing is for certain, once sex occurs in a relationship, there isn't an undo button you can press.This is one of the biggest issues with dating and sex, with parents, psychologists, clergy and everyone else having an opinion.Some of the issues of being intimate too early in the relationship are: Some men might not get any impression of a woman from the amount of time she waits, while some men think a woman sleeping too early in the relationship is a "deal breaker".

Herpes and genital warts are two conditions you may be able to live with, but HIV is another story.Because of the double standard, having sex too early is an issue women have to examine when they are dating and are out to establish a relationship.A revealing interview with three men on highlights the problem of having sex too early in the relationship.Asking yourself and each other questions before you have sex, waiting an amount of time that will help you feel comfortable, and establishing foundations for a healthy relationship will help ensure that you both have the same expectations for the relationship.More common with older men, men might not be up to the task.

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