Dating and friendship

Now, it's important that there is some sense of equality in this dynamic.

Both partners should be affirming each other's positive face and imposing upon the other's negative face with similar frequency.

With a total stranger, it's more appropriate to be "polite" by respecting their negative face.

Romantic partners are a very extreme form of a positive-face-respecting, negative-face-disrespecting relationships.

BUT if one person feels like it's more of a friendship, then it's friendship. A couple of us (including me) said the difference is how you feel about them, that you want to be in a relationship rather than being just friends (with possible sexual attraction).

He did not very much understand this, as he didn't necessarily feel any different towards friends vs.

Positive face is one's desire to be liked, and to have that affirmed by others.

We agreed to be exclusive We go on several dates a week What are we? She doesn't want to label it yet, likely due to her past experiences. If by that point she's still flaky about what you two are doing together, you probably need to have a talk with her about your desires for this relationship.All the couples I know kinda just seem like friends who sometimes kiss so I don't really see how these are two different things.I tend to think of it in terms of positive and negative face.Where friends might just be high in social and potential emotional depending on the friendship.The high level of emotional attraction being what makes a girl/boyfriend more than "friends who kiss"Follow up: I've been "talking" to this girl for a few months.

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