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Muñoz started living on her own for the first time.

With rent and car insurance to pay, and a plan to save for college, escorting became her livelihood.

In Los Angeles, protesters ringed the lobby of the Sheraton where the conference was being held, and as Muñoz tried to enter, a woman confronted her and became upset as Muñoz explained that, as a former sex worker, she supported Amnesty’s position.

“She agreed to respect my time at the microphone,” Muñoz told me. epidemic really exploded a lot of taboos,” says Catherine Murphy, an Amnesty policy adviser.

Decriminalization isn't the only way to make prostitution safer and reduce public health threats. The authors outline other potential reforms that could reduce HIV — creating a safer work environment and eliminating inconsistent condom use by reducing violence and police harassment — but it's nearly impossible to realize those changes while sex workers operate illegally in the shadows.Violence from clients — and from police — corresponds to less regular condom use, driving the spread of infection.If prostitution was decriminalized, the authors argue that workers would be exposed to less violence and be in a better position to control their business, making it easier to avoid risky sexual situations."'Police harassment' can mean anything from police raids to coercion and abuse," says Kate Shannon, lead author on the study."It can also result in enforced displacement — sex workers being forced to work in more isolated spaces, where they have less access to safety and protection." When sex workers are displaced to more obscure venues, they have less ability to control their business — from client selection to the types of sexual acts and condom use.

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"The ability to scale those up is only going to happen through legislative reform," Shannon said.

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