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I can tell she doesn't like background music but if it's too loud to talk over she is good.I can tell Wal mart is hard, cooking is taxing, fatigue and memory loss come into play sometimes.She had her accident in may of 2013, crushing her pelvis, breaking both arms and of course the tbi and a stroke.

She is encouraging and always has a lightness about her.

I am willing to be patient but I feel like she is scared. I feel like even if I had conversation about it she might not be receptive. If anyone has any insight I'd love to get some feedback.

Thanks in advance Kurtis Lowe Hom3Mad3, Welcome to Neuro Talk. It looks like you have had quite a time analyzing her.

She said she was flattered that I would take time to get to know her and her situation better.

So perhaps see if I can casually work in how she views relationships after her accident.

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If I brush the hair from her eyes she will laugh slightly and break eye contact. I got the chance to talk to him about it the last time he was in for a bisit and he laughed because he said he had a conversation with her about dating.

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