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There are going to be times when you have dates scheduled, and they have to cancel because their kid got sick or got in trouble at school.They may be late to dates because the babysitter was late or they found out they had to do something for their kid’s school.You’re curious what dating a single dad problems might arise and whether or not you can handle them or if it’s not worth getting involved.

This means that if you’re a big fan of going out and partying and doing all that kind of stuff, it’s probably not going to fly with the single dad at least while he has his kid.

Time responsibilities – These are things that we talked about in the last section.

They’re going to have to go to sports games, dance recitals, parent-teacher conferences, doctor’s appointments, and whatever else it is the kids happen to be into.

If we had to guess, there are probably two different kinds of people here.

Some of you are probably women who are interested in dating a single dad, but you’re worried there might be issues you don’t know about.

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