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I've spent a lot of time fighting them over this.

For much of my life I identified as straight edge as a result.

I had a hard time forgiving S for all the time he spent actively choosing to be someone I didn't want to spend time with. It isn't controlling to want stability and trust with your partner. I myself smoke ‘pot’ recreationally and had trouble in my previous relationship because of it.

He knows this about me and recently has started smoking a lot again.

Which is his choice, I just take space from him when he's high - which he then resents because he wants to spend time with me.

I went on a date with a very attractive, intelligent and nice girl a few years my junior a some days ago.

She wrote in her profile that drug use is a deal breaker for her. Now, I've been doing magic mushrooms for about five years in my life, maybe a dozen times total and only once in the last two years.

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  1. The weight loss and the new photos have helped my online dating results, as I assumed they would. (Sadly, most of the women opening me are my age, and since I don’t online date women over age 30 any more, it’s a bittersweet victory). I’m going to now (theoretically) get “better looking people” in my “match results”. My guess is that OKCupid’s stupid “Quickmatch” and “Quiver” features (two features I never use and never will since I prefer to chose whom I fuck, not some web site algorithm, thank you), will provide me with chicks who rank higher on their rating system.