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The seven college students then arrive at the building at pm, 15 minutes before their first shift.They sign a contract that if they want to quit for any reason, they must complete at least five shifts first, or they could be sued by the owner (voiced by Willem Dafoe).They are each given laptops on their desks to monitor the cameras and the monitors on the desk are used to communicate with/see each other through a Skype call.They also have cameras on the wall to see the several different rooms and locations in the building.

After he hangs up, things go similar to the previous night until everybody notices that Foxy has left Pirates Cove.

When Mike encounters Veronica, she hugs him and promises to not be so selfish, unaware that her fingers are crossed.

On night 2, they find another message on the phones from phone guy.

Before he temporarily shuts down, he vows revenge on them before he goes back to his shipping box and they leave before they can get arrested.

They make a pact and promise that they will stop him 10 years later.

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  1. It only means that you didn’t meet the exact criteria of what that person was looking for’ and that’s okay. Just because you’re Mature doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less than what you want or become desperate.