Dangers of teenage online dating

“More than ever, teenagers need a crash course in online safety and social media issues that they encounter on a daily basis,” says Gabriella van Rij ( a kindness activist, anti-bullying proponent and author whose latest book is February is an opportune time for parents to broach the subject because it’s National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. “It’s a subject you should have ongoing conversations about,” she says.

Online dating is extremely popular among adults, but teenagers haven’t been left out as technology continues to shape the way people meet and interact.

Another important point is that teenagers are not completely aware of the precautions that must be taken and other details, and often end up taking the wrong steps which leads to sexual health disorders.

Teenage is in fact, the stage of preparation where a person undergoes important biological metamorphosis and the body readies itself for adult experiences.

But these days, teens in search of a date for Saturday night can find romance online, which brings both convenience and risk.Emotional maturity is a matter of time, age and experience.While some teenagers are definitely more mature and serious about life than others, there can be completely no denying the fact that none of them whatsoever are completely ready to handle the emotional stress and responsibility that a relationship entails.As the advent of internet exposes more and more teenagers to issues of love and sex, more and more of them are getting into relationships and dating at a young age.However, it has been noticed that teenage relationships are extremely susceptible to quick disintegration.

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When Pew narrowed its findings just to teens who have dated, the percentage who met their dating partner online jumped to nearly 25 percent.

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