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Yet things seemed to boil over in the next 48 hours, and by Thursday morning, reports out of Waco were saying that not only would Starr be ousted from his position as president, but that Briles, the exalted head coach who had transformed Baylor’s football program from an afterthought to a national power, would also be fired. After Ukwuachu was convicted last year, Starr sent out a press release that, while lamenting the woman’s suffering, declared that “By God’s grace, we are living in a golden era at Baylor University.” He wasn’t wrong about that, at least if you look at the things the school had achieved since 2002, the year that the school’s administration unveiled its “Baylor 2012” vision for the university’s future.That ten-year plan was intended to bring Baylor “into the top tier of American universities, while reaffirming and deepening its distinctive Christian mission.” The school scaled up its focus on research, big-name faculty, and sports. It took on unprecedented debt—building a 6 million football stadium, a 3 million sciences building—in pursuit of its ambition to enter that top tier of schools, to become the Baptist Notre Dame.Baylor retained the services of Pepper Hamilton, a law firm out of Pennsylvania that specializes in offering consulting and recommendations to colleges and universities facing issues around sexual assault on campus.Pepper Hamilton’s reputation hasn’t always been sterling—it has come under fire in the past for an approach that’s left survivors of those assaults feeling less-than-acknowledged—but in the case of Baylor, based on the findings of fact released today, the firm appears to have done a very thorough job of confirming things that we’d learned of through our own reporting on the matter.Tevin Elliott, a defensive end who joined the Baylor Bears in August 2009, was convicted of sexual assault in 2014.Face-of-the-franchise player Shawn Oakman, who joined the team in August 2012, was arrested earlier this year on charges of sexual assault; according to a subsequent report, Oakman had been accused of assault back in 2013.These are difficult concerns to address, and in Baylor’s 171 years, it largely didn’t have to answer questions like these.

It has scaled up its ambition—to become a top-tier university, to have a nationally ranked football program, to build state-of-the-art facilities on its once-sleepy campus.

According to yet another press release issued by Baylor, he faces “probation” and “sanctions,” while Briles is “suspended” pending his final termination.

Starr, meanwhile, has been relieved of his duties as president, remaining on as chancellor and taking on an unspecified role at Baylor’s law school.

Today, after a sexual assault scandal that has been unfurling in the public eye since August 2015, when a former football player, Samuel Ukwuachu, was convicted of raping a fellow BU student, Baylor fired head football coach Art Briles and demoted Ken Starr, the university president and chancellor, who became a household name after his investigation precipitated the impeachment of U. An independent firm was investigating the school, and people watching the news were waiting for its findings.

All of that came to a head this week, when a late-night report from Chip Brown, a University of Texas writer for Horns Digest.com, a sports news site dedicated to UT, indicated that Baylor’s board of regents had voted to fire Starr as president of Baylor.

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In short, Baylor has grown at an unprecedented rate.

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