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(The strap-line on St James’s website runs, “good girls like it bad”).But St James, half of whose subscribers are women, does adhere to some of the characteristics Street describes.Schwartz surveyed 100,000 people about sex and relationships for her last book, The Normal Bar.

That’s why they’ve enjoyed pornography, in its various guises, for centuries while women have not. “I think that’s complete bullshit,” says Erika Lust, a multiple award winning 37-year-old pornographer.

Those aged between 18 and 24 - the generation that grew up with smartphones – represent the biggest slice (35%) of Pornhub’s female audience, with those aged 25-34 not far behind.

Filmmakers expect girls currently in their teens to follow in their older sisters’ footsteps.

(Which is not to say his body is unimportant; other studies have shown women will respond to a smorgasbord of nude and sexual imagery – except for men with flaccid penises.

Their obvious absence of arousal turns women off.) As well as including more shots of (better-looking) men in their porn, many female directors favour more normal-looking actresses over the conventional, silicone-breasted, porn star blonde.

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