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Ok Cupid’s matching system is nearly 20 years old, and is being refined all the time, it has a huge question base, and you can dig into your potential match’s answers to see how they compare to you or if there are any red flags.As a somewhat topical example, Ok Cupid is unlikely to match a Trump supporter with a non Trump supporter, even though both are welcome on the site, they just won’t see that unless they go out of their way to look. Ok Cupid openly generates a percentage by which it thinks you are compatible with the other person based on questions you have answered.You probably won’t want to talk to a 15% match even if it shows you one but hell, if you both click like then you can try; it doesn’t stop you.But people soon learn to trust the match percentage system. POF has more users in Canada and some rural places. Ok Cupid also operates in every country whereas POF operates in places that it knows its strengths; there are positives and negatives for both approaches in this.POF doesn’t go overboard on trying to match you though.

This causes a lot of people to lie about their age or to have multiple accounts on POF. It is a global site, you can be any form of non-binary you want, and you can communicate the pronouns you use.

POF will show you everyone, even quite often people who are too old or young for you to message; this is rather frustrating.

Ok Cupid won’t ever stop you talking to people if both people match up.

You can’t be bisexual or anything other than male or female on POF, you have to pick gay or straight, and it will only show people who match what you want.

You also can’t match people outside the preset age range:"You can only contact people /- 14 years of your age.

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